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  2 Day NLP Diploma
Oct 30-31
Village Hotel, Leeds

2 Day NLP Diploma
Sep 22-23
Village Hotel, Leeds

2 Day NLP Diploma
Aug 28-29
Village Hotel, Leeds

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2 Day NLP Diploma
Oct 30-31

  It seems that for those who want to save time and be effective in the next few years and enjoy their lives some development is key to making that happen.

NLP as a field has tools that have proven results in all areas of development from Therapy, Education, Management, Leadership, Coaching and personal enlightenment . The pragmatic techniques and models that are easily applied to multiple contexts have seen many start to make the changes which have proved pivotal in their development both personal and professional.
The NLP Diploma offers an insight to these principles and delivers the foundations of NLP over two days. You will experience from multiple perspectives the what and how NLP works.
Initially you will be presented with the story so far and hear how NLP became one of the most powerful development tools used for change. You will experience demonstrations, exercises and stimulating debate on what some call the magic of NLP and how it works. The intention is to satisfy your curiosity and give you an understanding of what NLP is and how you can make it work for you. The key is right at the start deciding at what level you will go into the two days. Your state and attitude will determine your outcome and experience.
There are many options after attending the two days learning and building some skills in undersatnding NLP, your self and others. After the two days you will be eligable to take further training and expereince a full NLP Practitioner course where you will become fully qualified as an NLP Practitioner. Also you can take a relaxing strategy where you research more and learn through directed reading and multi media products with constant feedback.

Topics covered on the NLP Diploma
The History and Foundations of Classic Code NLP
The Various Communication Models in NLP
Rapport and how it works
Sensory Acuity applied to communication
Submodalities introduction
Language Models and applications to self and others
Hypnosis and how NLP can be enhanced using the principles of altered states
Change techniques and how they work
Presuppositions of NLP
Applications of NLP at Diploma Level
Modeling( the core skill in NLP ) introduction

After the course you will have the opportunity to join the elearning group free of charge where you recieve updates, information and news.

Investment £550

Village Hotel, Leeds
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