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  2 Day NLP Diploma
Oct 30-31
Village Hotel, Leeds

2 Day NLP Diploma
Sep 22-23
Village Hotel, Leeds

2 Day NLP Diploma
Aug 28-29
Village Hotel, Leeds

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Certified NLP Practitioner
June 2014 (Leeds) 
Module One 19th - 21st
  Module Two 26th - 29th  

Neuro-Linguistic Programming … a new beginning

The course is designed to move you to your next level and give you skills that can be applied to support you.

Prior to the course
Interview - You will discuss your intention for the course and we will design a learning plan to support  you in order to achieve it.

Online Support
To add to your learning experience online classes are regular features before during and after the course. These classes are recorded so you can review at your leisure.


Introduction to the course

Content of course

The course follows the internationally recognised topics with updated versions of techniques from the Classic Code of NLP to the New Code. The content will be presented in manual form, online classes plus information that is delivered in multi media format.

Introduction to origins
You will learn how NLP was created in the early days. Understanding the skills of the early models used by the co creators gives you an in depth appreciation of what NLP really is.

Foundation skills
The core skills that make NLP so effective are layered throughout the course and in this section are presented consciously.
Communcation Models
Sensory Acuity
Unconscious Communication                                                                                                 

State Mangement
Everything you do is dependent on the state you are in when doing it. This section of the course allows you to learn how to manipulate states creating new patterns and reducing or deleting old ones.
Using anchoring models
Perceptual Positions

Field of NLP
There are some models that have become associated with NLP due to its natural evolution. This section presents the models whilst making the distinctions of how they are relative to the core skill modelling.
Logical Levels
Meta Programs

Language Models
The heart of NLP is language. In this section of the course you will learn how powerful language, its structure, words and stories are to people. The models presented in this section are pivotal to change and human programming.
Language Basics
Milton Model
Meta Model

Time Based Techniques
You will learn the most powerful change techniques in this section.
Protocols for using time based techniques

Personal Development
Becoming more integrated is condusive with a healthy balanced life. In this section you will experience models and techniques that allow individuals to change easliy and become integrated.
Aligment Therapy
Conflict resolution

Ethics and Standards
Operating using NLP adopting current standards and ethics builds the field. This section is constantly updated to be on trend with recognised organisations intenationally.
NLP Practitioner standards
Ethical Code


Course Trainer
John Thompson

NLP Practitioner  (Leeds)

Dates : - Module One - June - 19th - 21st 

              Module Two -  June - 26th - 29th 

Times :    9.30 - 5.30pm
Trainer :  John Thompson
Investment : £1650


Reading List 

There are many books written about NLP and all have something to offer the reader. The following books are not essential for course participants however these are classic tiltles that give an idea of the co creators thinking at the time of publication. 

Frogs into Princes - Bandler / Grinder

The Structure of Magic 1 - Bandler / Grinder
The Structure of Magic 2 - Bandler / Grinder

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H.Erickson V1 - Bandler / Grinder
Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H.Erickson V2 - Bandler / Grinder

The following two titles cover several NLP Practitioner topics

An Introduction to NLP: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People O’Connor / Seymour 

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement - Andreas / Faulkner 






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