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  2 Day NLP Diploma
Oct 30-31
Village Hotel, Leeds

2 Day NLP Diploma
Sep 22-23
Village Hotel, Leeds

2 Day NLP Diploma
Aug 28-29
Village Hotel, Leeds

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Ericksonian Hypnosis

25th - 26th April 2014

 Ericksonian 101( 2 Day )

The 2 Day course introduces the style, foundations and protocols of hypnosis that is indirect and natural. The course aims to reach you how to perform inductions and hypnostic sessions that can be useful for coaches, councellors, educators and professional communicators. You will learn how to apply these techniques using self hypnosis. 



4th - 7th June 2014 

Ericksonian Communication ( 4 Day - Hypnotherapy ) 

 The 4 day Ericksonian Communication course goes layers deeper than the 101 course. The interntion of this program is to share the protocols used to elicit deep long lasting change. The course is rich with live demonstrations and pragmatic exercises building your skills. You will experience personal growthand understand how others can too. You will learn some of the most powerful techniques from the personal development field allowing you to help others change easier. You will recieve coaching and feedback throughout the course to accelerat your learning. 

19th March - 7pm - 8pm 
ONLINE CLASS       Inductions - (The Parrot and the Professor) 
 The online class is an interactive live broadcast introducing the protocols of indirect Ericksonian inductions. You will learn how the same principles can be used in multiple contexts from negotiations, coaching, parenting and educating. The metaphor of the parrot and professor will be explored giving you the choice to recognise which style of operator you are when learning.
(The online class can be accessed on iOS devices and we recommend using a PC or Mac for ease of use and speed.)
This class is free and has limited places
The class is hosted by Russell Potts and John Thompson
Suggested Reading 
Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H.Erickson V1 - Bandler / Grinder
Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H.Erickson V2 - Bandler / Grinder
Training Trances - Silverthorn / Overdurf



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